Reducing Cardiac Arrests in the Acute Admissions Unit: A Quality Improvement Journey

​Beckett DJ, Inglis M, Oswald S, Thomson E, Harley W, Wilson J, Lloyd RC, Rooney KD. Reducing cardiac arrests in the acute admissions unit: A quality improvement journey. BMJ Quality and Safety. 2013 July 4. Epub ahead of print. [doi:10.1136/bmjqs-2012-001404]


Over 17 months, a quality improvement project in the acute admissions unit at the Stirling Royal Infirmary in Scotland achieved a 71 percent reduction in the number of cardiac arrests per 1,000 admissions; a 68 percent increase in referrals to palliative care per 1,000 admissions per month; and a 24 percent relative reduction in the 30-day mortality of patients admitted to unit. These results were achieved through the application of improvement methodology to test new innovations and promotion of a safety culture, among other changes.


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