Does a Quality Improvement Campaign Accelerate Take-up of New Evidence? IHI’s Project JOINTS

Schneider E, Sorbero ME, Haas A, Ridgely MS, Khodyakov D, Setodji CM, Parry G, Huang SS, Yokoe DS, Goldmann D. Does a quality improvement campaign accelerate take-up of new evidence? A ten-state cluster-randomized controlled trial of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Project JOINTS. Implementation Science. 2017 Apr;12:51.

IHI’s Project JOINTS initiative engaged a network of state-based organizations and professionals in a six-month QI campaign to promote adherence to three evidence-based practices to reduce surgical site infection (SSI) after joint replacement. This article describes the study of 188 hospitals in ten states, finding that hospitals participating in the campaign had higher adherence to the practices.

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