Pursuing the Triple Aim: The First Seven Years

Whittington JW, Nolan K, Lewis N, Torres T. Pursuing the Triple Aim: The first seven years. Milbank Quarterly. 2015;93(2):263-300.

The concept of the Triple Aim is now widely used, because of IHI’s work with many organizations and also because of the adoption of the Triple Aim as part of the national strategy for US health care, developed during the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. Drawing on IHI's seven years of experience, this article describes the three major principles that guided the organizations and communities working with IHI on the Triple Aim: creating the right foundation for population management, managing services at scale for the population, and establishing a learning system to drive and sustain the work over time.

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Ninon Lewis, IHI Executive Director, talks about the three essential components for Triple Aim success that are described in the article.
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