Effects of Quality Improvement in Health Facilities and Community Mobilization Through Women's Groups on Maternal, Neonatal, and Perinatal Mortality in Three Districts of Malawi

Colbourna T, Namtbiara B, Bondob A, Makwendab C, Tsetekanib E, Makonda-Ridleyb A, Msukwab M, Barker P, et al.  Effects of quality improvement in health facilities and community mobilization through women's groups on maternal, neonatal, and perinatal mortality in three districts of Malawi. International Health. 2013 Jun 26. [doi: 10.1093/inthealth/iht011]


The authors evaluated a rural participatory women's group community intervention and a quality improvement intervention at health centers in Malawi using a factorial cluster randomized controlled trial. They found that a combined community and facility approach, implemented via the MaiKhanda program, reduced newborn mortality by 22 percent in three districts in rural Malawi.


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formal evaluation report prepared for The Health Foundation by the Institute for Global Health at University College London also found that once the MaiKhanda program was fully implemented, the neonatal mortality rate fell by as much as 30 percent, saving nearly 1,000 newborn lives.

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