Using a Campaign Approach Among Health Workers to Increase Access to Antiretroviral Therapy for Pregnant HIV-Infected Women in South Africa

Ngidi W, Reddy J, Luvuno Z, Rollins N, Barker P, Mate KS. Using a campaign approach among health workers to increase access to antiretroviral therapy for pregnant HIV-infected women in South Africa. JAIDS. 2013 Aug;63(4):e133-e139.


This article reports on a prospective, nonrandomized, controlled study to evaluate the impact of a campaign approach among health workers to improve referral and initiation rates of antiretroviral therapy for eligible pregnant HIV-infected women in two districts in the KwaZulu-Natal Province in South Africa. Using this approach, results show a greater than four-fold increase in women initiated on antiretroviral therapy in these regions.


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