Blueprint for Complex Care

Humowiecki M, Kuruna T, Sax R, Hawthorne M, Hamblin A, Turner S, Mate K, Sevin C, Cullen K. Blueprint for Complex Care: Advancing the Field of Care for Individuals with Complex Health and Social Needs. National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs, Center for Health Care Strategies, and Institute for Healthcare Improvement; December 2018.

Across the US, pioneering health care organizations are testing promising new models of care for individuals with complex medical, behavioral, and social needs. Many of these activities occur in isolation, however, with little opportunity for innovators to learn from each other and advance best practices collectively.

BlueprintComplexCare_COVER_thumb.jpgThe Blueprint for Complex Care provides a strategic plan to support these innovations and accelerate opportunities to improve care for individuals with complex health and social needs.

Drawing from experts and frontline stakeholders across the US, the Blueprint assesses the current state of the complex care field and presents actionable recommendations to help the field reach its full potential for improving care delivery for the nation’s most vulnerable patients.


The Blueprint for Complex Care is a joint project of the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs, the Center for Health Care Strategies, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement with funding from The Commonwealth Fund, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and The SCAN Foundation. Learn more at

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