Bellin Health: A Triple Aim Improvement Story

​Whittington JW, Nolan K, Lewis N, Torres T. Bellin Health: A Triple Aim Improvement Story. Cambridge, MA: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; November 2015.

This Triple Aim improvement story on Bellin Health is an example that illustrates the evolution of a health system that began working on the Triple Aim with an enrolled population, built skills over time, expanded its Triple Aim work to include more populations, and eventually became involved with a multistakeholder group focused on a regional population. In 2007, IHI invited Bellin Health, an integrated health care delivery system based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to participate in the Triple Aim initiative. At that time, Bellin had been working for several years on the three dimensions of the Triple Aim, albeit without labeling it as such.

This example was originally published in 2015 in The Milbank Quarterly article, "Pursuing the Triple Aim: The first seven years."

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