100 Million Healthier Lives: Using Improvement Science to Accelerate Community Transformation

100 Million Healthier Lives initiative, convened by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This collection of resources, developed as part of the 100 Million Healthier Lives initiative (100MLives), provides practical guidance on how to use improvement methods and tools in community-based settings to advance health, well-being, and equity.

  • Using Improvement Methods and Design Thinking to Guide Action: 2017 SCALE Synthesis Report: This guide describes the foundational elements of improvement science, a related set of skills used to engage communities in change, and an approach that embraces the power of learning from mistakes and setbacks, using examples from the Spreading Community Accelerators through Learning and Evaluation (SCALE) initiative.
  • Using PDSA Cycles in Community-Based Collaboratives: This guide shares the opportunities, challenges, and learning from several select communities and includes community-based examples of improvement work.
  • Teaching Driver Diagrams to Advance the Work of Community-Based Collaboratives: This implementation guide explains the driver diagram, one quality improvement tool used by SCALE communities to plan and guide their improvement efforts, and describes ways communities can use and adapt this tool.
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