Utilization of the Rapid Response Team

Number of calls to the Rapid Response Team per 1,000 discharges in a defined time period ( monthly) to assess that the team is being utilized and to measure its effectiveness.
Goal: Increase the use of the Rapid Response Team over time. (Initial goal may be 20 to 25 calls/1,000 discharges)
Data Collection Plan
Determine the total number of calls to the Rapid Response Team per 1000 discharges. Obtain the inpatient discharges data from the hospital information system or other reliable sources on a monthly or quarterly basis as soon as discharge and death data are available.
Calculate monthly as:
(Total number of inpatient codes) / (Total number of inpatient discharges) x 1,000
  • Establish a process to identify all calls to the Rapid Response Team. Possible data collections strategies are:
    • Documentation of the call
    • (such as the Rapid Response Team Record) can be collected in a centralized location and counted.  These documentation sheets may be collected manually, faxed to a central location or if a electronic medical record is used reported automatically.
      Log sheet regarding activation of team (for example, teleservices  log of rapid response activations
  • Typically, data is collected in monthly increments but teams might find it useful initially to track Rapid Response Team calls on a weekly basis (i.e., period of one week, every week; measuring calls per week). Once your Rapid Response Team is well-established, teams can collect data monthly (i.e., period of one month, every month; measuring calls per month).

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