Care Team Member / Patient Continuity: Review of Schedule

Improving Primary Care Access


Continuity is defined as the percentage of visits patients make to their own primary care provider when receiving primary care. 

Formula: Number of patients of Provider X that were seen by Provider X, divided by the total number of patients of Provider X that have been seen in primary care. Multiply the result by 100.


Full-time clinical equivalent >=80 percent
Data Collection Plan
Direct review of scheduling system:
  • Numerator: Obtain the number of patients of Provider X that were seen by Provider X in the past month.
  • Denominator: Obtain the total number of patients of Provider X that were seen in primary care (within a time frame over which Provider X has influence, perhaps 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday).  
  • Multiply the results by 100.


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