Use Self-Management Tools That Are Based on Evidence of Effectiveness

Improving Chronic Care: Self-Management Support
  1. Identify high-quality patient education materials.
  2. Review materials for reading level and cultural appropriateness.  Determine if different versions — languages, literacy levels — are necessary to serve patients. 
  3. Review materials with the care team.
  4. Test materials with a few patients and revise as necessary.
  5. Make materials available to patients, families, and providers by placing them in examining rooms and waiting rooms.
  6. Share materials with pharmacies, faith-based organizations, and community groups.



  • Be selective and keep materials brief.  Include materials with larger print.
  • Work with lay health workers/promotoras in the community to select and review materials.
  • Remove outdated educational materials from the clinic.
  • Coordinate patient education with the organization's care guidelines.

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