Use Group Visits to Support Self-Management for People with Chronic Conditions

Improving Chronic Care: Self-Management Support Identify the type of group visit (support group, educational group, etc.). Identify a group to focus on (e.g., Hispanic population, homeless, newly diagnosed). Identify and train the facilitator. Take care of logistics (space, staffing needs, billing requirements). Publicize group visits through an appropriate communication channel.   Tips Assess cultural/ethnic needs and identify appropriate methods/materials for patient education. Don't confuse this type of group with a group visit that includes the physician and medical care (described in Delivery System Design). Let the group determine the content of sessions. Leaders can monitor the content to assure that critical information is covered. Contact health centers that have been conducting group visits for "lesson learned" about logistics of scheduling, rooms, etc.
  • Make reminder calls.
  • Provide a meal.
  • Use lay leaders.
  • Anticipate patient's need for transportation and child care.
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