Share Information with Patients and Providers to Coordinate Care for People with Chronic Conditions

Improving Chronic Care: Clinical Information Systems
  1. Decide which elements or fields in the registry, and which subgroups of patients, to report on.
  2. Develop a format for feedback.
  3. Decide who receives feedback and how often.



  • Keep it simple.
  • Allow for formatting suggestions after first draft, but don't try to reach consensus across all end-users.
  • Use feedback reports that are automated and easy to produce.
  • Standardize reports across teams for easy interpretation and comparison.
  • Send monthly reports to the board of directors, senior leaders, and team.
  • Show blind comparison data of other providers to motivate providers.
  • Have managers evaluate and support outliers.
  • Incorporate certified medical education (CME) with data feedback as a decision support service to providers.

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