Have Pharmacists Determine All Doses for Renal Patients

​Renal patients need medication doses that are calculated and adjusted with their impaired kidney function in mind. Pharmacists have the clinical training to review patients’ renal function studies and determine appropriate doses. A process for assigning all renal patients’ medication dosing to a pharmacist leaves prescribers more time for other clinical activities and may decrease the risk of adverse drug events. It also saves pharmacists time, since they can adjust doses themselves according to the most current clinical needs without waiting to hear from physicians before proceeding.



  • Build physician support for pharmacy-based dosing for renal patients by implementing protocols or guidelines to define parameters.
  • Ensure that pharmacists have real-time access to all renal function information.
  • Inform the pharmacy about all patients with abnormal renal function studies to ensure that they — like the patients formally identified as renal patients — receive appropriate dosing.


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