Create a Daily Goals Worksheet

Creating a daily goals worksheet assists care teams to keep track of plans established either on patient care rounds and/or multidisciplinary rounds and to verify their completion.  In addition, patient safety is enhanced identifying potential safety risks.  Duplicate efforts are diminished and length of stay is decreased.
A daily goals worksheet may be individualized to your particular unit and the specific needs and traditions of your hospital.  Below are some considerations for daily goals worksheets:
  • What work needs to happen for the patient today?
  • What is the patient's greatest safety risk?
  • If applicable, are all elements of the appropriate bundle completed?
  • what are the discharge plans for the patient (either from the critical care unit or the discharged home)
  • Catheter — site care, inspection, consideration for removal?
  • Communication/family issues — have we talked to the family today?



  1. Write out tasks you desire to include in your worksheet.
  2. Establish a timeline to get a daily goals assessment worksheet implemented in each unit
  3. Use the worksheet during patient care rounds to ensure all items are captured.
  4. Use the worksheet during multidisciplinary rounds as well as to include all spheres of care.
  5. Be sure to carry over unfinished goals from the previous day’s work.  Create a section of incomplete goals.

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