Computerize Medication Administration Records

​Computer-generated medication administration records (MARs) can synchronize data throughout an organization. Ideally a computerized MAR would interface with your pharmacy system, computerized prescriber order entry system, and any admission-discharge-transfer system your organization uses. Record into the computerized MARs all medications administered so the information is accessible to all clinical personnel who may need to see it.



  • Print the MARs periodically and keep the printouts as backups in case the computer system breaks down. Store them in a central location so no one uses them when the computer system is working.
  • Use bar coding when administering medications and link the information directly to the MAR. 
  • Give staff members handheld electronic devices (personal digital assistants) so staff members can enter information into the MAR from the point of care, rather than traveling back to a central station to do it.


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