WIHI: What Students in the Health Professions Can Do for You... and Improvement

Date: ​September 17, 2015


  • James Moses, MD, MPH, Medical Director of Quality Improvement (QI), Boston Medical Center; Academic Advisor, IHI Open School
  • Justin Slade, Fourth Year Medical Student, Boston University School of Medicine; Senior Student Advisor, Former President, IHI Open School Chapter
  • Jessica Perlo, MPH, Senior Community Manager, IHI Open School
  • Rebekah Bally, MPH, CPH, Former Learning Coordinator, PSU and OHSU IHI Open School Chapter

When you imagine the legions of quality improvers around the globe working hard to transform health and health care, does your picture include students? If it doesn’t, it definitely should.
Right now, thanks to the IHI Open School and other initiatives, there are thousands of students in the health professions – and health professionals themselves – actively engaged in gaining the knowledge and skills to improve health and health care delivery and to build bridges between the classroom and the community. And, what’s important to underscore is that medical students, nursing students, pharmacy students and others in training, are often now the instigators for improvement initiatives within a hospital or a community clinic…initiatives that are as insightful and potentially impactful as other improvement work underway.
Learn more about the IHI Open School, the tools, and the networks that students are using to make a difference in health and health care: 
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