WIHI: Tread Water No More! Making Sense of Patient Experience Data

​Date: September 11, 2014


  • Kevin Little, PhD, Improvement Advisor, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI); Principal, Informing Ecological Design, LLC
  • Kristine KS White, RN, BSN, MBA, Faculty, IHI; Principal, Aerate Consulting; Co-founder, Aefina Partners, LLC
  • Kathy Klock, Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Clinical Support Services, Gundersen Health System
  • James Bonner, LMSW, Director of Patient Experience, Spectrum Health

Have you been poring over some patient survey or patient experience data lately? Chances are good you have. How did you make sense of what you saw? What actions are you taking as a result of what you learned? Not sure? Unclear what to make of the information or what to do with it? You are not alone! In fact, as the ways to learn about how patients experience their care and their caregivers have grown, so has the confusion about how to interpret the data and how to make the best use of it.

We invited Kris White and Kevin Little to lead the discussion, both of whom are determined to pull listeners out of whatever morass of patient-generated information they might be drowning in. Kathy Klock from Gundersen Health System and James Bonner from Spectrum Health joined to discuss how their organizations are successfully navigating the patient experience data waters.
Learn about a terrific set of guiding principles for appreciating and distinguishing among the wide range of methods health care organizations are using to decipher patient experience data and the comprehensive picture that emerges from patient surveys, focus groups, patient and family advisory councils, and much more. 
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