WIHI: Finding the Will to Bend the Cost Curve

Date: December 2, 2010

  • Jeffrey Selberg, MHA, Executive Vice President and COO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • Robert Murray, Executive Director, Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission
The phrase, “bending the cost curve,” has an elegance to it that almost belies the complexity of what it’s going to take to achieve this aim. Medical home, accountable care organizations, bundled payments, global payments, value-based purchasing…they’re all in the mix. But how does it all add up, and is there a more effective overarching strategy still to come? 
IHI’s Executive Vice President and COO, Jeff Selberg, has been digging into where things stand with “bending the cost curve” efforts, especially in the US, and he has some important ideas and framing that he’d like to offer to WIHI participants to move efforts forward. Robert Murray has been overseeing, at one level, one of the longest-running payment and cost control initiatives in the country – in the state of Maryland, where an all-payer hospital rate-setting system has pushed hospital costs steadily downward, below the national average. The Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission is deeply engaged in other initiatives, too, including the country’s first bundled payment system for outpatient hospital services.
There are no easy fixes, but there’s no turning away from the cost issues either. Especially if we’re also talking about quality care, improved health, and greater access to insurance coverage and primary care for everyone. What is happening in your state and your community that helps solve this cost/quality puzzle?

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