WIHI: All Hospitals in Favor of Saving Money: Say “Patient Flow!”

Date: December 2, 2009


  • Eugene Litvak, PhD, President and CEO, Institute for Healthcare Optimization
  • James M. Anderson, President and CEO, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • Scott Hamlin, Senior Vice President of Finance and CFO, Cincinnati Children's Medical Center
Imagine this scenario: a hospital CEO, a chief surgeon, and an operations management expert decide there has to be something better than daily overcrowding in the emergency department, no vacant operating rooms, a lackluster occupancy rate, stressed staff, and patients waiting around to be seen. The trio, along with others in the hospital, decide they’re going to dig into the problem and apply the best improvement science available to turn things around. And they do.
Read the case study that explains how Cincinnati Children's redesigned perioperative flow.
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