WIHI: Assessing the Value of Age-Friendly Health Care

Date: June 13, 2019


  • Victor Tabbush, PhD, Adjunct Professor Emeritus, UCLA Anderson School of Management
  • Robert Scott Dicks, MD, FACP, Chief, Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology; Director, Geriatric Medicine, Hartford Hospital
  • Christine Waszynski, APRN, Coordinator, Inpatient Geriatric Services, Hartford Hospital
  • Suzanne Engle, RN, BSN, Director of Care Coordination, St. Vincent/Ascension
  • Jennifer Allbright, RN, BSN, Manager, Center for Healthy Aging, St. Vincent/Ascension

It hasn't always been easy to talk about the business case for quality improvement, let alone isolate the financial benefit. Now, there's a way to do both, in the context of transformative, age-friendly care.

On this episode of WIHI our expert panel discusses a new IHI and Age-Friendly Health Systems (AFHS) report, The Business Case for Becoming an Age-Friendly Health System, and reviews the report’s two prominent case studies: Hartford Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital. The panel discusses the potential to unlock cost savings and generate new revenue through the adoption of the 4Ms Framework, all while providing safer, more appropriate care. If you’re looking to learn more about the financial benefits of being an Age-Friendly Health System, this episode of WIHI is for you.


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