WIHI: Aging in Place with a Disability and Dignity

Date: February 22, 2018


  • Sarah L. Szanton, PhD, ANP, FAAN, Associate Director for Policy, Center on Innovative Care in Aging, Department of Health Policy and Management, & Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Judith Kell, MPA, Manager, Pathways to Better Health, Mercy Health
  • Gary Felser, ME, Construction Supervisor, Elder Services at Civic Works

One of the biggest challenges facing older patients with disabilities is that the care and support services needed to function optimally at home are often fragmented — and not always obtainable. Thi​s is especially true for low-income disabled adults whose home circumstances may not fit the bill, literally and figuratively, for what public insurers such as Medicaid and Med​icare will cover.

In a handful of communities in the US, a program called CAP​ABLE​ is demonstrating low-cost, practical ways to fill the void. The research into the health benefits and cost savings associated with CAPABLE are yielding impressive results. Learn how the model works and how it might be spread to other communities on this episode of WIHI: Aging in Place with a Disability and Dignity


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