IHI's Approach to Reducing Avoidable Rehospitalizations

This video from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement helps to make the case for reducing avoidable rehospitalizations by creating a more patient-centered ideal transition home. 


Patricia Rutherford, IHI Vice President and co-Principal Investigator of the STAAR initiative, presents the case for improvement, elements of IHI’s approach to reducing avoidable rehospitalizations, and strategies to get results.


After viewing this video, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the case for creating a more patient-centered transition from the hospital to post-acute care
  • Identify promising approaches to reduce avoidable rehospitalizations
  • Describe IHI strategies and key interventions utilized to improve care transitions and reduce avoidable rehospitalizations


This video is a filmed presentation from the IHI seminar Reducing Avoidable Readmissions by Improving Transitions in Care.


IHI's Approach to Reducing Avoidable Rehospitalizations
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