Virtual Learning Hour Special Series: Global Challenges: COVID-19 and Lessons from the UK

​April 10, 2020


  • Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP, FRCP, President Emeritus and Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)
  • Derek Feeley, President and CEO, IHI
  • Pedro Delgado, MSc, Head of IHI’s Europe and Latin America Regions
  • James Mountford, MD, Chief of Quality and Learning, NHS Nightingale; Director of Quality, Royal Free Hospital, UK
  • Dr. Dominique Allwood, Associate Medical Director, Imperial College NHS Trust
  • Prof. Richard Bohmer, Senior Fellow, Nuffield Trust
  • Prof. Mike Roberts, Managing Director, UCLPartners
  • Moderated by: Madge Kaplan, Director of Communications, IHI


During the COVID-19 pandemic vast amounts of information are rapidly criss-crossing the globe. Governments, health systems, and research communities in multiple countries are looking to learn as much as possible from each other, as quickly as possible, about the nature of COVID-19 and the most effective interventions for preventing and treating it.

This Virtual Learning Hour discusses noteworthy global challenges and responses to COVID-19, specifically focusing on efforts in the United Kingdom (UK) to monitor and quickly improve treatment for patients in intensive care units (ICUs). Members of the Quality and Learning leadership team from NHS Nightingale Hospital London join the program to share their learninig and experience.

Listeners also have the opportunity to share their questions, struggles, and bright spots they are seeing in this unprecedented time.

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