ACA and AHCA: Don Berwick Breaks It Down

​​​​​​​​Health care has taken center stage in the last few months in the United States. From debates on Capitol Hill, to town hall meetings, to non-stop media coverage, topics like insurance coverage, Medicaid expansion, and payment reform have been on everyone’s minds.

No matter your view, we believe a common understanding of the issues is critical.

It is in that spirit that we share thi​s video from Dr. Don Berwick, IHI President Emeritus and Senior Fellow. He explains the changing health care landscape in terms that are both simple and comprehensive. What’s the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? If it’s “repealed and replaced” by the American Health Care Act (AHC​A), what will change? What's the difference between the two?

Berwick originally gave a version of this overview at an IHI Leadership Alliance​ meeting in May 2017. Reactions from Alliance members encouraged us to share it more widely. We — and Don — hope you find it helpful.