Author in the Room: Should a Healthy 55-Year-Old Man Be Treated with a Statin?

May 2012 Author in the Room® Teleconference
Authors and Articles:
Michael Blaha, MD, MPH, suggests that the available data do support treatment:
Statin Therapy for Healthy Men Identified as “Increased Risk”

Rita Redberg, MD, MSc, suggests that the available data do not support treatment.
Summary Points:
Summary Points from Dr. Michael Blaha:
  • High-quality literature supports statins for reduction of first heart attack and stroke, in addition to a mild decrease in all-cause mortality over 3 to 5 years.
  • The key to efficient use of statins in primary prevention is risk stratification.
  • We must demand high-quality evidence for benefit and for harm in a potentially beneficial medication class such as statins.
  • Physicians should adhere to national guidelines to guide statin use in primary prevention. 
Summary Points from Dr. Rita Redberg:
  • Drugs given to asymptomatic persons should help them to feel better and live longer.
  • Statins do not meet these criteria.
  • Lifestyle is a cornerstone of primary prevention.



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