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IHI's Work in North America

We’re excited that you’re here! IHI applauds your commitment to improving quality, safety, and optimizing patient outcomes in your health care setting in North America. No matter where you are in your quality and safety journey, IHI can support you in getting to the next level.

We can help you:

  • Ignite and facilitate organization-wide transformation
  • Address the big issues, such as using quality as a business strategy, moving from volume to value, care for aging populations, improving health outside the hospital while partnering with your community, and pursuing equity
  • Connect and learn alongside other organizations facing similar challenges
  • Identify gaps in service that matter to you, your staff, and your patients
  • Build organizational and individual quality improvement skills that will support your journey and increase joy in work

Our Work

Diagnostics for Achieving Organizational Transformation

Many organizations have taken advantage of IHI’s diagnostic services. Customized to understand your organization’s current state and help you identify quick wins and longer-term strategic opportunities, IHI’s diagnostic services can focus on specific strategic or operational challenges or take a broader view of how to move an organization toward a quality focus. Diagnostics have helped many organizations worldwide ignite their momentum in many areas, including quality planning in service of strategy enhancement, workplace safety and joy, organizational structural redesign, and improvement of organizational culture. In addition, diagnostics have supported organizations in their missions to maintain or improve quality and safety during times of mergers and acquisitions. Learn More >>

Support for Organizational Transformation

Providing health care in today’s market requires making strategic decisions that have system-wide ripple effects to your patients, staff, and bottom line. Having a business strategy that delivers value because it is focused on service quality can help you build a competitive health system that achieves best-in-class patient outcomes with a joyful workforce. IHI has worked with hundreds of health systems at varying stages of transformation to a quality focus and we have seen what high-performing health systems look like and can achieve. IHI offers solutions at different levels of engagement and cost, customized for your organization. Learn More >>

Partner to Advance Health and Health Care Initiatives

IHI is committed to partnering with foundations and other organizations to build innovative solutions to health and health care issues. Using our wealth of knowledge in improvement and renowned faculty working in various content areas, IHI can work with funders and partners to develop multidimensional initiatives with an impact on numerous stakeholders. Learn More >>

Onsite Educational Programs

Many organizations have partnered with IHI to co-design onsite trainings to build capability in their system. IHI provides educational programs on leadership, quality improvement, patient safety, hospital-wide patient flow, and other topics. IHI is committed to supporting your organization’s capability-building needs and will work with you to determine the customized program that best meets your goals. Learn More >>

Professional Expertise for Systems, Teams, and Individuals

Sponsorship Opportunities

Participate in Ongoing Initiatives

  • IHI Leadership Alliance: A dynamic collaboration of health care executives who share a goal to work with one another as well as in partnership with our patients, workforces, and communities to deliver on the full promise of the IHI Triple Aim.
  • Joy in Work Results-Oriented Learning Network: IHI is partnering with experts around the world to offer new thinking and resources around joy in work — to share principles and techniques that enable the workforce to truly thrive, not just persevere.
  • Age-Friendly Health Systems: In an Age-Friendly Health Systems Action Community, teams from across different health systems come together to accelerate their work of putting the 4Ms of age-friendly care into practice.

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Not sure which option is best for you?
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An IHI team member will contact you to discuss your needs and give you our best advice.