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IHI has experience working intensively with organizations and government entities to drive transformational change throughout a system or country.

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For more information about IHI’s work in Europe, please email:

Chesley Rappleye


IHI's Work in Europe

​​​Health care systems and governments in Europe are collaborating with IHI to build the will for change, develop quality and patient safety strategies, and enhance countries’ capability and capacity to develop, test, and spread best practices in pursuit of the Triple Aim (better population health, better care and controlled costs).

Our Goal
IHI’s mission is to improve health and health care worldwide. Our aim is to help our partners provide safer care, better outcomes, lower cost, and greater patient experience for all the populations they serve.

Our Work
IHI partners with organisations in Europe whose mission and vision align with ours. We seek to deeply understand each organisation’s unique needs and contributions and tailor our work together accordingly. To help our partners reach their boldest aims, IHI provides:

  • Strategic guidance
  • Tactical designs
  • Quality improvement capability building

IHI also offers diagnostic services to identify where an organisation is in its improvement journey and a provide clear roadmap to achieve higher levels of performance and transformation.

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Multiyear Partnerships
IHI understands that it can take time to develop the relationships and understanding necessary to make large-scale and sustainable improvement. A multiyear partnership with IHI allows us to earn the trust and confidence needed to develop organisation-wide improvement capacity and capability, provide leadership support, and co-design the quality infrastructure to meet an organisation’s unique needs. Regular contact allows for regular assessment of needs, progress, and opportunities for learning.

For more information, email Chesley Rappleye at crappleye@ihi.org.

Programmes and Conferences
IHI is pleased to host, alongside regional partners, educational trainings in Europe. We offer a range of educational opportunities, taught by regional and international subject matter experts, to provide an exceptional training experience.

There are opportunities for Europe partners to innovate and convene at IHI’s conferences and Forums. For more than 20 years the annual International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, co-sponsored by IHI and BMJ Publishing Group, has contributed to capacity building for Europe and beyond with around 3,000 participants each year.

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The IHI Health Improvement Alliance Europe (HIAE) is a coalition of leaders united for change, driven by collaboration, and focused on achieving health and health care results. The HIAE provides an exclusive community dedicated to continuous learning and identification of best practices and new models from within and outside health and health care. The group aims to create new delivery models relevant to European health systems, and achieve the best health and best care at an affordable cost in the face of changing demographics, increasing chronic illness, and economic challenges.

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