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    The IDCOP Model:

    The foundation for comprehensive redesign of the clinical office system was first articulated as a set of Eleven Key Principles for Office-Based Practices that represented the fundamental underpinnings of effective office-based care:

    1. Paramount focus on the clinician-patient relationship
    2. Individualized access to care and information at all times
    3. Knowledge-based care is the standard 
    4. Individuals control their own care to the extent that each individual desires
    5. Minimal waiting for all involved in the processes of care 

    6. Seamless transfer and communication of information and coordination of care 

    7. Financial performance sufficient to ensure unhindered viability 
    8. Patient and practice management will be based on real-time data, including  measures of process, satisfaction, finance, outcomes, and epidemiology 
    9. Continual improvement and waste reduction in all processes and services 
    10. Individual health linked to broader community health
    11. A model work environment
    The IDCOP model emerged out of these principles. The model begins with one overarching statement of purpose crafted through the eyes of the patient – those for whom the clinical office practice exists to help. The IDCOP purpose is to have patients say the following about the newly redesigned practices:
    "They give me exactly the help I want (and need) exactly when I want (and need) it."
    The IDCOP model is focused on serving the needs of the patient, but it also recognizes that this can only be achieved by creating an enriching, joyful, economically sustaining work environment in which staff can thrive.