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IHI Fellowship Team

The IHI Fellowship Program

​Deadline extension: The application deadline for the 2023–2024 IHI Fellowship Program has been extended to Friday, September 15, 2023.

IHI Fellow, Gillian Smith discusses how the IHI Fellowship Program has been valuable to her.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) offers a Fellowship program to select health care professionals worldwide. The IHI Fellowship Program is designed for those in quality and safety roles who are looking to take their strategic, operational, and thought leadership skills to the next level.

The 14-month program will support a closely-knit cohort of participants from around the globe and will include smaller affinity groups. It offers a unique virtual learning opportunity, and includes experiential learning through the leadership of strategic, impactful work within participants' home organizations. This work within home organizations will help to firmly cement the strategic improvement knowledge and new ways of thinking gained throughout the program.

Ideal candidates will have strong foundational knowledge and experience in quality, safety, and quality improvement capability. They will seek to hone their knowledge and skills to effectively institute impactful change and achieve organizational goals in today's complex health care environment.

Fellowship participants will:

  • Bring new ways of thinking and innovative ideas for improving the quality of patient care, reducing harm, and patient-centered outcomes back to their organization
  • Make a direct impact on their system while pursuing a strategic project with metrics tied to strategic organizational goals
  • Deepen their knowledge in quality and safety science
  • Learn how to lead system changes in quality, safety, and culture, including how to engage, influence, and impact culture change

Support and networking opportunities include:

  • A dedicated mentor providing continuous feedback and support
  • Access to and guidance from renowned IHI leaders and faculty, including health care quality and safety experts, and innovative leaders who have improved systems in other industries
  • A lasting and meaningful global network of peers and faculty, allowing for an exchange of advice, ideas, and support in the long term (this includes an exclusive alumni network)
  • Senior sponsorship and active engagement from your home organization’s executive team, including quarterly sponsor progress check-ins​​