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By IHI Open School | Wednesday, Feb 11, 2015
The third week of my Las Vegas rotation has quickly crept up on me, and we are in the throes of rolling out my population health project. For my month here, I have decided to focus on diabetes.


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By IHI Open School | Wednesday, Feb 04, 2015
I walked back into the central Huddle Room to catch my breath. But no rest was to be had in the Huddle Room. On a day like this, it should have been renamed the Situation Room.


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By IHI Open School | Thursday, Jan 29, 2015
Population health is not too different from preparing for a hike. Let’s do some research.


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By IHI Open School | Tuesday, Jan 20, 2015
Iora Health is a start-up that seeks to revolutionize primary care delivery. Its goal is to disrupt the current models of primary care delivery and reduce health care spending.


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By Eva Luo | Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013
Eva Luo, an Open School learner and an MD/MBA candidate at the University of Michigan Medical School and Harvard Business School, wrote the following post for the IHI Open School blog about the innovative design of Iora Health, a primary care provider. To learn about other models to improve population health, check out our online course TA 101 Introduction to Population Health or check out the Open School's other educational offerings here.The transition from medical school to business school me ... read full post


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