Chapter Network Overview


The IHI Open School Chapter Network is Currently on Hold​​

We are working to improve the IHI Open School Ch​apter Network. Please submit your email address to be first to receive updates on the new network, where you can connect with other leaders​​.​

Introduction to the IHI Open School Chapter Network

The IHI Open School combines online courses that teach the essentials of improvement, safety, value, and more, with a community to help you lead change​.

In more than 1,000 settings across more than ​100 countries around the world, students, residents, faculty, and healt​h care professionals come together in local interprofessional Chapters to improve health and health care where they live, learn, and work.

What Does a Chapter Do?​

Every IHI Open School Chapter is unique. Some are led by students and residents from different health professional programs at a university, and others are hosted by a health care organization. No matter the setting, Chapter members come together based on a shared interest in learning about quality improvement and advancing the health of their patients and communities.

As a Chapter member, you'll work with like-minded peers to:

Note: Starting a Chapter is free, an​d it does not provide you free access to IHI Open School online courses. If you are a student, resident, university faculty, or a resident of a developing country, IHI Open School online courses are free whether you belong to a Chapter or not. 

Professionals can purchase a subscription to access the Open School course catalog, regardless of participation in a Chapter. Learn more about course access and professional subscriptions.

Are You Ready to L​ead a Chapter?​

Chapter Leaders recruit fellow students, residents, faculty, and professional colleagues to join the Chapter to learn and apply skills in quality improvement and community organizing.

Faculty Advisors offer support and guidance to a university-based Open School Chapter. Ideally, Faculty Advisors hold permanent positions at an organization to promote continuity at the Chapter. To learn more about the responsibilities associated with leading a Chapter, review the Chapter Leader Toolkit.  ​