Free Courses for Eligible Participants

IHI offers free access to Open School courses to participants that meet certain eligibility requirements. These free Open School subscriptions give access to our Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety and the Safety and Quality Improvement Micro-Credential*, which is comprised of 13 courses that provide a well-rounded introduction to quality, safety, population health, equity, health care leadership, and person- and family-centered care. Completing these courses will earn students a micro-certification demonstrating competency in these areas. 

Please note that users under a free subscription cannot obtain Continuing Education (CE) credits. To be able to earn CE credits, we recommend signing up for an individual subscription.

Free Courses for Students

Students who can demonstrate active enrollment in a degree-seeking program or residency program can register for a free Open School subscription. Students will be required to attest to student/resident status and may be asked to provide proof of enrollment to maintain an active free Open School subscription. If proof is not provided, IHI reserves the right to cancel access at any time without notice.

Free Courses for Inhabitants of Least Developed Countries

IHI is committed to offering the Open School to inhabitants of Least Developed Countries (LDC) as defined by the UN**. Inhabitants can access the 13 courses available for the Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety, as well as a certificate of completion. To qualify for the scholarship, you must complete the scholarship request form and you will receive a response from our scholarship team.

*A micro-credential is a digital badge showing proof of completion for a series of courses from an accredited learning institution. They let employers and your professional network know that you have proficiency in a subject area.
**The list of Least Developed Countries is defined by the United Nations.