In successful health care systems, managers play a vital role in meeting their organizations’ key strategic and improvement goals. 

As the bridge between senior leadership and the front lines, it is their job to turn high-level objectives into action at the department or unit level. Far too often, managers are not equipped or supported with the right skills, resources, or guidance to achieve their aims. 

This program begins by guiding experienced managers through assessing their own leadership and work styles.  It continues by building quality planning skills to Identify, align, and prioritize improvement opportunities within a unit or care team through leveraging both qualitative and quantitative data. Participants will also learn basic quality improvement and quality control tools and methods as well as strategies to engage front-line staff in each of these phases of the improvement journey.  

Program Format:  

The program consists of 8 online lessons and 8 live hour-long webinars to reinforce, discuss, and apply content covered during the online lessons.  

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