Frequently Asked Questions

​What is the course format?
IHI online courses with coaching combine:
  • Self-paced learning through online lessons released every other week
  • Project-based learning through assignments designed to help you practice skills you learn in real-time
  • Expert guidance from IHI faculty in live All-Learner Calls that lead several all-learner calls that expand upon lesson material, facilitate discussion, offer feedback, and answer questions
  • Access to one-on-one coaching with faculty through "office hours" available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Social learning through online discussion boards to share, collaborate, and network with peers

What is the course time commitment?

The time you dedicate to the course will vary depending on the project you design and your interest in pursuing optional learning opportunities. In general, it is likely you will spend 1-3 hours/week on coursework.

Here are general estimates of what to expect:

  • ​Online learning (reading, discussion, and/or video lectures): ~45 minutes per lesson
  • Project work (assignments, leading your project): 12 hours per week
  • All-Learner Calls: 1 hour, three occasions throughout the program
  • Optional one-to-one coaching with IHI faculty: one to two 15–30 minute sessions

Are assignments required?

  • Assignments are an optional though recommended element of the course
  • Assignments are designed to deepen your understanding of course concepts and help you apply the skills you learn to your daily work
  • Assignments are accepted on a rolling basis 

What activities are required to receive continuing education credits?

  • Complete all online lessons by watching videos and reading text
  • Join All-Learner Calls or review the recordings
  • Complete a course evaluation

Should I begin the course with a project in mind?

This course is for learners interested in hands-on experience applying the course framework to improve care in their local setting. To get the most out of the program, we recommend beginning with a general idea of something you'd like to improve — whether it's a process in your system, certain outcomes for your customers, or your own daily work.

Projects do not need to be completed by the end of the course. In fact, we hope learners continue to monitor the results they've achieved and carry on the work of driving toward long-term, sustainable change and spread.

Remember: Everyone's improvement journey will be unique, and not every idea will succeed — it's all part of learning.

When do online modules become available, and for how long?

To encourage participants to progress through the online content together, lessons are released one at a time, with two weeks to complete the content before the next lesson becomes available.

Although learners should do their best to complete each lesson and its assignment(s) within the intended two weeks, all lessons will remain open throughout the duration of the course once they become available.

Learners will continue to have access to course materials for four weeks after the course ends.

What are All-Learner Calls?

Three live hour-long calls offer a chance for attendees to connect with expert faculty and learn together at strategic checkpoints throughout the course. During these calls, course faculty review and expand upon lesson material, invite learner participation, offer feedback, and answer questions.

We encourage learners to make their best effort to attend and actively participate in each call, though we know scheduling conflicts and time zone incompatibilities can arise. Recordings of each call are shared immediately following each call so that learners can review the call.​​