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IHI Leadership for Health Equity Program


​Program Overview  

With the rising awareness of health inequities due to the COVID-19 pandemic and increased awareness of systemic racism, many health systems have appointed chief executives to focus on equity. This program helps these leaders be effective as they work to create and sustain system-wide improvement in health equity across their health system. The program will cover the strategic roles, responsibilities, competencies, approaches, and conditions for success. As relationships and networks are critical to equity work, we aim to create a community among participating leaders to share learnings with and come together around common challenges.

The program will instill confidence and direction forward for these leaders, as well as the endurance, resilience, and renewal necessary as they courageously cultivate change in their systems. Expect a trauma-informed approach, an emphasis on healing and liberation, and centering patients, community, and “who” we are doing this work for in the program’s approach. This program will help your organization create and refine systems that achieve new and emerging standards around health equity, such as that of the Joint Commission.

Throughout this course, all participants will be given recommended assignments to bring the concepts and tools to life and develop an actionable plan. We will feature expert faculty and regularly explore examples of work done by health equity leaders nationwide. 

Who Should Attend  

This online program is geared towards any leader within a healthcare organization with responsibility or influence on systemwide equity and equitable health outcomes.

Leaders who join this program may have titles such as Chief Health Equity Officer or Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Vice President, and or Senior Director that may not have "equity" or "diversity" in their names; many leaders can be held responsible and accountable for health outcomes. Consider registering for this program if you are a: 
  • Current Chief Health Equity Officer who is looking for the best practice framework for leading change 
  • An executive leader who is responsible for systemwide equity and accountable for equitable health outcomes, e.g. CNOs, CMOs, CHROs  
  • A newly appointed leader who is responsible and accountable for "equity" or "diversity" health outcomes for their organization 
We recommend participants who have a clear understanding of equity, racial justice, and systemic racism, which will allow the cohort to dive into these topics on a deeper level. Additional, optional resources and tools will be provided for participants who want more background or to dive deeper into various topics. 

What You'll Gain

After attending this program, attendees will be able to:   
  • Create an effective evaluation strategy to monitor progress toward reducing inequities in marginalized communities  
  • Examine your organization’s opportunities for improvement and advocate for the conditions that will set you up for success including resources, structures, and leadership support 
  • Develop a leadership plan committed to equity and anti-racism through strategic prioritization, coalition building, and community partnerships, including those with lived experiences  
  • Apply strategies to address social determinants of health and identify healthcare inequities resulting from either bias in care delivery or “standards of care” that propagate inequity, using real-world examples of best practices, approaches, and methods 
  • Create a business case and complementary communication strategy to generate buy-in for equity work and sustainability  
  • Learn what a trauma-informed approach leading to healing is and know how to apply it in your day-to-day work and institutional policies