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Looking at the Patient Experience in a Broader Context:

Person- and Family-Centered Care


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is eager to usher in a new era of partnerships between clinicians and individuals where the values, needs, and preferences of the individual are honored, the best evidence is applied, and the shared goal is optimal functional health.
To do that, we are inviting all who strive to achieve better patient experiences in their settings to learn the best of the work that IHI has developed in this crucial arena.
Please join us on October 15-16, 2013, in Chicago, Illinois, to learn how to enhance your organization’s approach to the people and the families who come under your care.
This seminar will teach you how to:

  • Strategically focus on infrastructure, improvements, processes, and skills that make a difference
  • Align your organization’s day-to-day patient and family interactions with the goal of improved HCAHPS scores (or CG-CAHPS scores for clinicians and groups)
  • Spread best practices for interpreting data and using measures for learning and improvement — especially how to achieve “data sanity”
  • Create and reliably implement Always Events® — a framework developed by the Picker Institute that is now taught by IHI. An Always Event​ is an act or happening that should always occur when patients interact with health care professionals and the delivery system.
  • Engage physicians, providers, patients, and families to come together and ensure safer and more effective care


We will have exemplars in this work attending to share their stories, and we’ll use several case studies to make sure the material can go from concept to practice quickly at your organization. We hope you’ll join us.


On the walls at IHI, you'l find quotes that help us stay focused on the work at hand. The one above is a particularly appropriate inspiration for patient care leaders needing to marshal the forces of clinicians and staff to improve the patient experince at their organizations.