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The general agenda for the Improvement Science in Action seminar is outlined below. To view a detailed agenda of an upcoming specific seminar, please select the specific date and location here.


Comprehensive Curriculum
The program features a mix of conceptual and practical learning, all focused on increasing the effectiveness of you and your team. Topics include the following:
  • Developing a project charter that clearly justifies and focuses the work
  • Framing a challenging yet realistic project aim
  • Understanding organizational dynamics of change and the psychology of improvement work, and use them to build an effective team
  • Using systems thinking, driver diagrams, and change concepts to generate effective process changes
  • Using PDSA cycles to identify promising ideas for change, then developing and refining them to achieve more reliable and effective processes
  • Creating a comprehensive
    measurement plan, including operational definitions, data collection methods, reporting, and training
  • Using the distinction between common and special cause variation to identify successful process changes and avoid common misinterpretations of the data
  • Applying analytical tools including run charts, Pareto diagrams, scatter plots, and control charts to analyze, interpret, and respond appropriately to data
  • Understanding and apply important principles of reliability science to the design of processes