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IHI's Improvement Science in Action is a four-month journey into improvement science designed for people actively involved in facilitating and managing health care improvement projects.
A unique hands-on approach provides a firm grounding in the concepts, tools, and methods you will need to effectively and efficiently drive your organization’s improvement initiatives. Whether you are new to quality improvement or looking to expand upon your experience and skills, this program will deepen your understanding of improvement science and advance your capabilities as a leader in this critical discipline.
This program begins with an orientation and overview WebEx session where the design and content of the program are reviewed. The highlight of the program is a three-day face-to-face meeting, where you will learn how to apply the principles, tools, and methods of improvement science. During the three-day workshop, you will become better equipped to focus on specific project aims and measures as well as develop ideas for improving your results. 
After the face-to-face meeting, you will participate in monthly, web-based coaching sessions that provide opportunities to extend your learning and gain feedback from faculty and colleagues as you put your new skills to work.


​What You'll Learn

As a result of this program, participants ​will be better equipped to:
  • Shape and frame an improvement project to increase the probability of success
  • Define and apply a set of measures to analyze and assess the progress of an improvement project
  • Utilize the Model for Improvement to develop tests, decide when to implement changes and to successfully spread improvements
  • Describe the organizational and human dimensions of change and use this understanding to plan and execute improvement projects

​Sample Projects

Participants will organize their learning in this program around a specific project within their organization. Each team or participant must have an improvement project, new or already underway, to participate. Some examples of appropriate project topics from inpatient, outpatient, and long-term care settings include:
  • Eliminate neonatal deaths due to central line bloodstream infections
  • Improve turnaround time for pharmacy orders
  • Improve nurse workflow to increase the time spent with patients
  • Increase the percentage of excellent responses for the pain management question on our inpatient survey
  • Increase the use of self-management goals for diabetic patients
  • Reduce nursing home resident falls by 20% in nine months