Dates & Locations

​​​​​​​Upcoming Programs

Begins September, 2022​​​London, England
​Dates coming soon
​Boston, MA, USA

Past Programs

The Improvement Advisor Professional Development Program has also been offered in the past. Please see below for past dates and locations.
​Began March, 2022
​London, England
​Began February, 2022
​Boston, MA, USA
Began September 22, 2020​​London, England
​​Began October 19, 2020Boston, MA, USA
​Began February 18, 2020​London, England
Began October 29, 2019​Boston, MA, USA
​Began June 3, 2019​London, England
​Began March 18, 2019​Boston, MA
Began January 21, 2019Belfast, Northern Ireland
Began October 2, 2018Boston, MA
Began April 3, 2018Boston, MA
​Began January 15, 2018​​​Belfast, Northern Ireland​
Began May 30, 2017London, UK
​Began March 20, 2017​​​Cambridge, MA​
Began January 17, 2017Belfast, Northern Ireland
​Began November 14, 2016​​​Cambridge, MA​
​​Began September 19, 2016​Cambridge, MA
Began June 27, 2016 London, UK
Began March 14, 2016​Cambridge, MA
​Began November 24, 2015​Belfast, Northern Ireland​
Began October 8, 2015​Cambridge, MA
Began February 26, 2015​Cambridge, MA
​Began September 18, 2014 Cambridge, MA
Began February 2014​Cambridge, MA
​Began September 2013​Cambridge, MA
Began February 2013​​​Cambridge, MA
Began August 2012​Cambridge, MA
​Began February 2012​​Cambridge, MA
​Began August 2011​Cambridge, MA
​Began February 2011​Cambridge, MA
​Began October 2010​Cambridge, MA
​Began September 2010​Cambridge, MA
​Began March 2010​Cambridge, MA
​Began September 2009​Cambridge, MA
​Began February 2009​Cambridge, MA
​Began June 2008​Cambridge, MA
​Began February 2008 
​Cambridge, MA