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Is your leadership team ready for the urgent challenge that the changing health care landscape brings? Have you figured out what it will take to accelerate your quality and cost effectiveness efforts in order to be successful within the new payment systems? In the new era of accountable care, the demands to improve quality, reduce cost, and improve the patient experience confront senior health care executives at every turn and in every setting.
We have built new solutions and updated examples into the Executive Quality Academy (EQA) to help executives and their teams accelerate the rate of improvement to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.
Updated components of the EQA course include:
  • A new IHI Leadership Framework for Improvement and Innovation based on the experiences of hundreds of health care organizations
  • Expansion of concepts and examples beyond the traditional hospital walls—including learning from organizations pursuing the IHI Triple Aim
  • Leadership strategies to eliminate waste from clinical and support processes—critical to organizational sustainability in an era of declining revenue and reimbursement
  • A new emphasis on actions the senior leadership team must take to strengthen the team and increase capacity to align, execute, and drive the organizational culture. Based on past participant feedback, we’ve added additional table-based discussions to improve learning

Download the 2014 Executive Quality Academy brochure by clicking on the image below:


Why Attend the Executive Quality Academy?

Health care executives could once argue that their role was to get the finances, facilities and capital investments right, and that it was the job of doctors and nurses to deliver quality care. Not anymore. Leaders are responsible for all patient outcomes and are under pressure to produce both high quality and high value. In other words, clinical quality performance is no longer delegable to “the quality people.”

Responsibility for measured performance in clinical quality and safety rests squarely on the shoulders of each member of the senior executive team, regardless of whether or not they have a clinical background. This course can help you and your team. The principal output of the intensive two-and-a-half-day program will be a detailed plan for each organization to achieve one or more “how good, by when” system-level quality, safety, and patient experience aims, and to integrate them into the strategic plan of the organization.​​