Games and Exercises

Who says learning about quality and safety can’t be tons of fun? Try out Open School games and exercises that offer a unique approach to learning about improvement.

QI Games Video Series
QI Games: How Do You Measure the Banana?
Choosing and defining your measures might sound easy, but those two tasks cause problems for improvement teams all the time.
QI Games: Learn How to Use PDSA Cycles by Spinning Coins
You may have thought your coin spinning days ended in grade school, but it turns out the activity can help you learn about theories, predictions, and PDSA cycles.
QI Games: Learning about Variation by Counting Candy
Understanding variation is critical when you’re working to improve a process or system. In this activity, you’ll learn to distinguish between two types of variation: common cause and special cause. (And you’ll get to eat candy!)
QI Games: The Red Bead Experiment
W. Edwards Deming, one of the founders of modern quality improvement, invented the famous Red Bead Experiment to illustrate how typical managers try — and fail — to improve quality.

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