Publishing Your Work

​Gone are the days when peer-reviewed journals were the only option for sharing ideas about health care. Today, you can tweet, post, and blog — you can even video blog, if that’s more your style. For every type of writer, the Open School is here for you.

Get Your Work Published (Free Audio Recording) 
An On Call audio conference with David Stevens, editor of the journal Quality and Safety in Health Care, and Frank Davidoff, IHI’s executive editor.

Becoming a Writer: An Interview with Pauline W. Chen, MD
New York Times columnist and author 
Pauline Chen never planned to be a writer or a surgeon. Now she’s both. How did she get to this point? Watch two video interviews with Pauline Chen to hear her answers. 

Where to Submit your Writing
A short list of peer-reviewed journals receptive to publishing articles related to quality improvement.

SQUIRE Guidelines
The SQUIRE (Standards for QUality Improvement Reporting Excellence) website helps authors write excellent, usable articles about quality improvement in health care. Visit the SQUIRE website to learn more, or listen to a presentation about SQUIRE by Greg Ogrinc, MD, who helped develop the guidelines.​

Guided Reflection on Your Writing
Answer these four questions and get a better sense of your goals, challenges, and expectations for yourself as a writer.

Open School Posterboards
Each year at IHI’s National Forum, we encourage students and residents to display their work. See how they’ve presented their Chapter successes, QI projects, and personal improvement work.

Tips on Using Social Media
Paul Levy, the former CEO and President of a hospital in Boston, MA, shares how he got involved in blogging, how his blog promoted transparency at his hospital, and tips for success in social media.

Students on Writing for Scholarly Journals
The IHI Open School team often runs into students who have published their work in scholarly journals. We asked a few of them to share the secrets of their success.

How to Write a Letter to the Editor: Turning Passion into Action
Some tips to help you get your op-ed or commentary published.

Start a Journal
How do you develop the courage to challenge and change institutions? Begin by just having a daily conversation with yourself.