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Posterboards from IHI's 27th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care

Each year at IHI’s National Forum, we encourage students and residents to display storyboards about their Chapter successes, quality improvement projects, and personal improvement projects. The storyboards are an integral part of the Forum, providing an opportunity for organizations to share their improvement strategies and celebrate their successes with other attendees.

View some of our Chapters' storyboards from the 27th Annual National Forum below, or check out the archive from past Forums here. Want to learn more about a project? Email and we will connect you with the team lead.

IHI Open School Chapter QI Project Posters

Boston Medical Center, GME Program

Title: Early Experience with Implementation of the I-PASS Handoff Bundle

Contact: Aravind Ajakumar Menon

Title: Improving Order Sets - Creating a Standard Process to Increase Quality and Utilization

Contact: Nandini Setia

Title: Reducing Overuse of Cardiac Telemetry Through Implementation of Guideline Specific Electronic Order Sets

Contact: Rajat Singh

Boston University

Title: Empowering Medical Students to Improve Patient Care in the Clerkship Curriculum

Contact: Justin Slade

Title: Improving Patient Understanding at Discharge: Medical Student Enhanced Patient Education

Contact: Justin Slade

Title: Postoperative Venous Thromboembolism Prevention in Thoracic Surgery: Implementing the Caprini RAM

Contact: Helene Sterbling

Title: ​Addressing Health Disparity by Increasing In-person Interpreter Participation during Family-Centered Morning Rounds

Contact: Lizzeth Alarcon

Title: Out Smarting Trisomy 21 Standards of Care with EPIC "Smartphrases"

Contact: Michael Stratton

Title: Reducing Unnecessary Lab Orders on the Inpatient General Internal Medicine Service

Contact: Sherif Aly

Brock University

Title: Implementation and Improvement of a Pediatric Rapid Assessment Clinic Model in a Large Community Hospital

Contact: Sierra Barrett

East Carolina University

Title: Leaders in Innovative Care

Contact: Paige Driver

Emory University

Title: Diabetes Passport to Health: Development and Piloting of a Self-Management Tool for High-Risk Patients

Contact: Janelle Petak

Title: The Surprising Complexity of Decreasing Patient Visit Times at a Student-Run Clinic

Contact: Julia Saltalamacchia

Icahn School of Medicne at Mount Sinai

Title: Detecting Overuse of Renal Ultrasound to Diagnose Obstructive AKI

Contact: John Zech

Louis Stokes VA Medical Center

Title: A Resident Led QI Initiative to Improve Outpatient Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates

Contact: Leland Hull

Title: Increasing Appropriate Statin Use in the Primary Care Clinic

Contact: Omer Khan

Title: A Resident-Led QI Initiative to Reduce Serum Folate Testing in a Primary Care Clinic

Contact: Rohit Raj

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)

Title: Screening for and Tracking Social Determinants of Health in a Federally Qualified Health Center

Contact: Lisa Miller

Purdue University

Title: Nursing Shift Report: Perspectives on the Handoff and the effects on Nursing Care

Contact: Katherine Ernest

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Title: Reducing Unnecessary Routine Post-Operative CBCs in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Contact: Maya Dewan

Tulane University

Title: Improving Efficacy and Cost in Heart Procurement

Contact: Jiyeon Son

Title: Surgical Team Networks as a Basis for Quality Improvement

Contact: Jonathan Coleman

Title: Lean Principles in the Anesthesiology Technician Workflow: Decreasing Waste to Improve Value Added Time

Contact: Aditi Dasgupta

Title: Improving the Quality and Impact of Interdisciplinary Rounds at Tulane Medical Center

Contact: Beau Saccoccia

Title: Improving Consistency and Efficiency of Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Contact: Isaac Jaben

Title: Formalizing Communication in Discharge Planning

Contact: Kelly O'Connor

Title: Keeping the List Active: A QIP to Reduce Inactive Patients on the Kidney Transplant Waitlist

Contact: Shannon McChesney

Title: The Impact of Accountable Care Organization Participation on Hospital Patient Satisfaction

Contact: Catherine Counts

University of Alberta

Title: Improving Intraoperative Fluid Management

Contact: Calvin Tseng

University of Cincinnati

Title: Provider Accuracy of Estimated Patient Discharge Date is Improved by Interdisciplinary Teams

Contact: Ryan Gamlin

University of Michigan

Title: Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Perioperative Care Re-design

Contact: Minakshi Raj

University of South Florida

Title: QI Workshops- Basic QI Competency for Trainees in One Hour

Contact: Nidhi Patel

Title: Trial and Error: The Challenge of Maximizing Operational Efficiency at a Student-Run Free Clinic

Contact: Stephanie Hudey

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Title: Reducing Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection in Unfunded Dialysis Patients

Contact: Giang Nguyen

Title: Epidemiological Study of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Among Patients in a Burn ICU

Contact: Bayless Drum

Title: Improving Access and Wait Time in an Ambulatory Endocrinology Clinic

Contact: Benjamin Weia

Title: Development of a Standardized Process for Review of Key Indicators Associated with Surgical Site Infections

Contact: Chris Chan

Title: Improving Patient Handoffs in OR-ICU and OR-OR Settings

Contact: Jim Sheng

Title: Impact of a Physician Dashboard on Episiotomy Utilization at William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital

Contact: Katherine Xiong

Title: Improving Parent-Staff Communication in a County Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Contact: Jamila Hokanson

Title: Effect of a 'SMaRT' Enhanced Recovery Pathway for Elective Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery

Contact: Taylor Roberts and Patty Brown

Title: Decreasing Patient Visit Durations at a Student-Run Free Clinic Through a Clinic Flow Intervention

Contact: Thomas Das

University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences

Title: An Integrated Longitudinal Curriculum at University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences

Contact: Pamela Sharaf

University of Toronto

Title: Improving Communication Between Hospital and Long-Term Care During Patient Transfers

Contact: Joey Carson

University of Washington

Title: QI Match: Connecting People to Projects- Passion to Possibility in the 21st Century Clinical Learning Environment

Contact: Chenwei Wu

University Utara Malaysia

Title: Patient Centeredness in Malaysian Hospitals

Contact: Mu'Taman Jarrar

Western University

Title: Integrating Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (PSQI) into Undergraduate Medical Education

Contact: Juliya Hemmett

IHI Open School Chapter Posters

Bellin College

Title: Bellin College IHI Open School Chapter

Contact: Abbey Miller

Emory University

Title: Integrating Health Systems Science Education into Five Graduate Programs

Contact: Ariadne DeSimone

Georgetown University

Title: Georgetown University Open School Chapter Updates

Contact: Katrina Smith

James Madison University

Title: James Madison University IHI Open School Chapter Storyboard

Contact: Carissa Jeffers

Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU)

Title: Planning an Interprofessional Conference: The First West Coast Regional Conference

Contact: Kelsey Priest

Portland State University

Title: Chapter Restructure & Redesign: Using Principles of Community Organizing to Support Chapter Engagement

Contact: Hannah Lobingier

Purdue University

Title: Launching IHI Open School Purdue Chapter: An Interdisciplinary Student Organization Devoted to Healthcare Improvement

Contact: Amanda Hobbs

University of British Columbia

Title: IHI Open School Canadian Region: Early Beginnings for the Newest Region

Contact: Andrea Jones

Title: Quality Improvement Practicum Projects: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice

Contact: Melissa Wan
Contact: Robert Yao

University of Cincinnati

Title: Community Clinic Improves Patient Health and Enhances Interprofessional Learning

Contact: Esper Wadih

Wayne State University

Title: Wayne State University School of Medicine Curriculum Development Team

Contact: Kelsea Anderson

Stony Brook University

Title: Origins of an IHI Open School Chapter: Experiences from Winthrop-University Hospital

Contact: Jennifer Brazier