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How Do You Move Logically Toward Implementation?

David M. Williams, PhD, Improvement Advisor, TrueSimple Improvement

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Learning Objectives: At the end of this activity, you will be able to:
  • Explain why it’s important to “start small” when working on improvement.
  • Discuss how degree of belief relates to implementing an improvement.
  • Give at least one example of a factor to consider when moving from improvement to implementation.
Description: You’ve tested a change on one patient and the data tells you it is working. So what’s next? In this IHI Open School Short, Improvement Advisor David Williams discusses how to thoughtfully move toward implementation within a system.
Discussion Questions:
  1. What is the risk of implementing an improvement before it’s ready?
  2. How can you raise your degree of belief when working on an improvement project?
  3. Have you ever tested and then decided to implement a change? What made you decide the change was ready for implementation? Was the implementation phase successful?
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