Is the Buzz about Innovation Worth the Hype?

Kedar Mate, MD; Senior Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

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Learning Objectives: At the end of this activity, you will be able to:
  • Discuss the need for innovation in today’s health care systems.
  • Identify an innovation that has changed health care.
Description: Buzz words in health care come and go, and today, innovation is one of them.
But is it producing results? In this video, Kedar Mate, MD, Senior Vice President of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, explains why innovation is in vogue. He also suggests some of the results that innovation has created in health care.
Discussion Questions:
  1. Do you agree that the health care challenges of today require innovation? Why or why not?
  2. Can you think of some innovations in health care that have produced results?
  3. Can you think of some innovations that have failed to produce results? Why do you think this is?
  4. Why do you think it’s important to test new ideas to offer “prototyped solutions”?
  5. Can you think of an example of a new idea, process, or product that went to market before being tested? What was the result?
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