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How Can You Incorporate Innovation in Daily Work?

Kedar Mate, MD; Senior Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

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Learning Objectives: At the end of this activity, you will be able to:
  • Explain why observation skills can help generate ideas.
  • Discuss the role of positive and negative deviance in innovation.
  • Identify an everyday opportunity to practice observation.

Description: In a busy clinical environment, it can be hard to find time for innovation.

But Kedar Mate, MD, Senior Vice President of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, has a suggestion for generating new ideas in your everyday activities. In this video, Dr. Mate describes the key attribute of clinician innovators, and offers some simple tips on how to develop observation skills.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why would looking at positive and negative deviance help you generate ideas? Have you ever had this experience?
  2. Do you know any people who you might consider “positive deviants”? What do they tell you about a process or system they’re a part of?
  3. What are some experiences you have in your daily life where you could practice observation and reflection?
  4. Have you ever made a change based on something you noticed? What was it?
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