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What Would You Do to Improve Health Care?

Mike Briddon, MA, Editorial Director of IHI Open School

Learning Objectives: At the end of this activity, you will be able to:

  • Discuss several ways people with experience as patients would improve health care.
  • Recognize the value of seeking the patient voice within health care.

Description: Easier access to care? Better integration of technology? More compassionate providers?

What’s the one thing you would do to improve health care?

We’re always curious about that question at IHI, so we hit the streets of Cambridge, MA, USA, on a recent afternoon and asked people to share their opinions. Check out what they said in our first installment of “Blue Shirt on the Street.” 

(Note: "Blue Shirt" refers to IHI staff members who, when staffing IHI conferences, wear blue shirts to signal that we’re there to help attendees have a smooth and satisfying experience.)

Discussion Questions:

  1. Which idea from the video do you think would make the greatest improvement within health care? Why?
  2. Why is the critical to include the patient voice when you are striving to improve health care?
  3. What’s the one thing you would do to improve health care? If possible, share your answer in a group setting and see how many people share your answer.
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