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Dr. Wendy Madigosky offers four key actions to take when designing a quality and safety training program.
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Designing a Quality and Safety Training Program? These Four Actions Are Key

By IHI Open School | Thursday, April 20, 2017
In 2016, the IHI Open School set out on a mission to learn from the collective experiences and expertise of our growing Faculty Network — teachers and trainers around the world who use the Open School in their classes and training programs, to bring quality and safety training to all types of students and health care workers.

Based on hundreds of survey and interview responses, the new IHI Open School Faculty Guide: Best Practices for Curriculum Integration compiles advice from educators across 16 countries and a diverse set of disciplines. What’s the best piece of advice we got?

We’ll leave it to you to decide. But we did ask one experienced educator, who also serves as an Open School Faculty Advisor when she isn’t teaching at the University of Colorado School of Medicine: What would she most recommend to anyone interested in implementing a quality and safety training program? Dr. Wendy Madigosky broke down her answer into four key lessons: 

  1. Start doing QI yourself. There’s no better way to learn, and others will gain trust in you as you point to your own successful improvement efforts.
  2. Make the education locally meaningful. Be aware of your organization’s goals so that you can link the education you’re providing to those efforts.
  3. Leverage resources, opportunities, and people at all levels. You never know who will become your biggest champions, and it's likely your organization has underutilized assets to help teach the material.
  4. Use Open School resources. If you didn’t know, the Open School offers a free library of activities — videos, case studies, games and exercises, patient stories, and other learning opportunities — in addition to its online courses, which are free to students and residents.
We captured her full response in a two-minute video, and you can watch it here:

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