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By Mike Briddon | Wednesday, Aug 13, 2014
In early 2014, a team from the University of Toronto approached the IHI Open School with an idea for a new online course. The team -- Professor Brian Wong and medical students Raman Srivastava and Marisa Leon-Carlyle -- loved the improvement and safety focus of our catalog, but really thought we could use some additional education on cost and value in health care.Eight months later, the course -- TA 103 Auality, Cost, and Value in Health Care -- is ready to launch. The University of Toronto will ... read full post


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By IHI Open School | Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school, the best term that would describe me would be, "teacher's pet." I was not trendy, funny, sporty, or rebellious. I was good at following the rules. And most importantly, I was recognized for following the rules both in a good way (by my teachers) and a bad way (by my classmates). I'm not entirely sure what motivated me to follow the rules, but thinking about my quest for good behavior through a "pay for performance" lens may provide so ... read full post


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